South Road Conditions - Cd. Insurgentes to San Juanico via Las Barrancas


Mexican Highway 53 from Ciudad Insurgentes is paved the 110 road miles to San Juanico. In Insurgentes auto parts are available at Chinos Auto Parts and gasoline at Pemex stations. The highway is in good condition the 20 minutes to Saragoza where you will find the last Pemex station. The road from Saragoza to the Las Barrancas turn-off is riddled with potholes. Drive slowly. Some potholes extend completely across the road and are unavoidable. Take care to avoid livestock grazing along the highway. There are several highway construction detours where a dirt road parallels the road construction for a couple of miles. 

The road from Cd. Insurgentes runs straight without turns or curves. About 75 miles from Cd. Insurgentes the road curves gently to the right. This is where you turn left to Las Barrancas. Do not miss this turn. There is a directional sign indicating the left turn but it is plastered with stickers and barely readable. Follow the signs from here to San Juanico. Along this route, erosion has undercut the pavement and left it damaged along the edges. There are two detours through the arroyos where the causeways were washed-out. Upon arriving in San Juanico, drive straight through town and out the dirt road to the Scorpion Bay Cantina and Campground. See you for dinner.

Drive Safely.


The new Cantina is open daily.

THE OLD CANTINA, 1993 to 2014 - TODAY, ONLY MEMORIES REMAIN STANDING. Someday a new Cantina may rise in its place.

THE OLD CANTINA, 1993 to 2014 - TODAY, ONLY MEMORIES REMAIN STANDING. Someday a new Cantina may rise in its place.


Spring 2016 - The new temporary cantina behind the house is open and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The office and private bath has a new palapa roof. The private bathroom and hot shower is working and available for palapa campers and others. Satellite internet is for email only (videos, Youtube, Skype, Netflix, etc. overtax the system). Downloads are limited and the service is retarded for 24 hours when the download limit is exceeded. Several vedios can retard the system for 24 hours.


The Palapa that was

6:00 AM Sunday, June 7, 2014

The dinging of incoming text messages woke me. As I read, the unimaginable took form.  "There is a fence around the Cantina."  "They are demolishing the Palapa." "We cannot work."

It was not the first time an attempt was made to run me off the lease. I had come to expect attacks on the Cantina and Campground operation since the group of investors purchased the land under the lease in 2007. After the legal challenges where the courts validated my lease there had been a long string of bogus inspections, property invasions, arsons, an attempted labor union take-over and 2:00AM threats to the managers. It was the beginning of tourist season and the timing also inflicted an economic blow. It seemed incredulous anyone would so openly commit such a crime. But this is Mexico, where the outcome of the justice system is often not what one would expect. I was determined this act should not stand with impunity.

Marco's workers had come in the middle of he night. When the Cantina employees arrived for work that morning they found a new barbed wire fence around the Cantina. The stove, the television, tables and chairs, the sinks and all the pots and pans and dishes were strewn about on the ground outside the palapa. The municipal police were there preventing the taking of photos. Marco Villacaña, with Jaime Adkins standing by, announced that he was going to demolish the palapa and build a hotel. The workers attached a cable high on a corner post and the other end to a dump truck. They tried to pull down the palapa but it did not budge. Marco's workers returned with chain saws and cut partway through the palm posts supporting the roof. Once again the cable was attached high on the corner post. The dump truck growled in low gear, the cable went taunt and a long standing community asset crashed to the ground.

Following the Money

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The Scorpion Bay Back Story
After the recent property invasion and illegal demolition of the Cantina at Scorpion Bay, many have wondered, “Who is behind the problems at the Cantina?” Recently a list of investors surfaced. The names came from a communication distributed to his partners and investors by John McKeown, President of the California Limited Liability Company known as Surf Rider One B. C. LLC. Surf Rider is the company that holds the investments and bought the land under the Cantina.

It is believed that these are the people whose interests are served by the unethical, illegal and indeed violent acts, acts that were committed in the effort to invalidate the lease and run the Cantina and Campground out of business. They may claim that any direct connection to the nefarious acts cannot be proved but it is undeniable that much of the long series of events were committed with their money, by their agents, and in their interest.

It is our belief that after all that has happened, these people should no longer hide in anonymity. They should have the opportunity to account publicly for their part. It can be argued that the fiduciaries bare most of the responsibility but it cannot be denied that the bystanders bare responsibility for their inaction and passive acceptance as well.

In the interest of filling in the gaps of the public’s understanding, we release this list. It is believed to be accurate. If any of those listed are misrepresented they may contact us through the email below and, if the listing is in error, it will be corrected.

The Committee for Scorpion Bay Truth July 17, 2014

Surf Rider One BC, LLC
John McKeown - President
John Beck
Sean Collins (deceased)

Mike Morgan
John Rellos – Also, General Administrator for Surfeador Baja

Patricia Bacall
John Caskey
Todd Clement

Jay Culbertson
Neil Drinkward
John Fields
Kevin Fitzgerald
Mike Garver
Dana F. Gavis
Scott C. Looney
David P. Mileski
Steve Miller
Blake S. Mirkin
Mark Mulligan
Phillip Mulligan
Ryan Thomas
Tom Van Betten
Daniel Urrea Gonzalez Paul

James (Jaime) Thomas Adkins
Real Estate Salesman
Power of Attorney - Surfeador Baja

Lic. Edgar Jose Vargas Mendieta
Power of Attorney - Surfeador Baja, S de R L de CV.

John Rellos
Rellos Construction, Inc.

PO BOX 1388
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 257-1107 Phone: (310) 257-1103 Fax

10440 Tottenham Road
Chappell Hill, TX 77426
(979) 865-9136

John D. McKeown
Sr. Vice President, CB Richard Ellis

2901 East Spring Street, Unit E
Long Beach, CA 90806
(562) 493-8200
(562) 234-1499 cel
(562) 493-8230 fax

John Beck, retired Architect
Orange County

Sean Collins, Surfline
300 Pacific Coast Highway #310
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 374-0556

Mike Morgan, Kelomar, Inc.
3949 Austin Road Brawley, CA 92227

Fax: 760-344-6072

Surf Rider One BC, LLC


Steve Kreamer
West Coast Realty Services, Inc.
West Coast Servicing, Inc.
17011 Beach Blvd., Suite 300
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Fax: 714.596.6331

David P. Mileski
T M Properties
1971 W. 190 Street Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90504-1300

Blake S. Mirkin
Executive Vice President
CB Richard Ellis
1840 Century Park East, Suite 700

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Dana F. Gavis
Dana F. and Regina M. Gavis

8575 Organdy Lane
Santee, CA 92071
PH: 619-448-5024


Jay Culbertson
TCM Motor Sports
4800 N. Channel Avenue

Portland, OR 97217

John Caskey, President
Don Wilson Builders
23705 Crenshaw Boulevard Torrance, CA 90505-5298
(310) 539-9902

John Fields
Organizational Support Services
1850 Redondo Avenue, Suite 102

Long Beach, CA 90755
Fax 562.498.4398

Kevin Fitzgerald
KMC Wheel Company
1455 Columbia Ave 92507-3013
Riverside, CA

Mark Mulligan
Skycraft Roofing, Inc.
7242 Walnut Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 522-6226

Mike Garver
Becall Creative
PO BOX 241052
Los Angeles, CA 92004


Neil Drinkward, President
Elliott / Drinkward Construction, Inc.

2535 W. 237th Street, Unit 101
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 534-4554
(800) 776-3904
(310) 534-4504

Phillip Mulligan,
Skycraft Roofing, Inc.
7242 Walnut Avenue
Buena Park, CA

(714) 522-6226,

Ryan Thomas
Wide Open Baja
6 Bendix,
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 635-2292
29716 Bandaras
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Scott C. Looney
Metro Commercial Realty Corporation

227 20th Street, Suite 100
Newport Beach, Ca. 92663
(949) 644-6000 x 11
(949) 644-6886 fax

Steve Miller
South Bay HVAC
506 Sanford Ave. Wilmington, CA 90744

(310) 835-3300 (310)835-6923

Todd Clement
Wide Open Baja
6 Bendix,
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 635-2292

Tom Van Betten
Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate Services

4350 La Jolla Village Dr. #500
San Diego CA 92122

tom.vanbetten@cassidyturley .com

Patricia Bacall
Becall Creative
PO BOX 241052
Los Angeles, CA 92004


Daniel Urrea Gonzalez Paul Partner
Lex Advisors, S.C.
Paseo Finisterra No. 136 Edificio Finisterrae

Suite 10, Campo de Golf Fonatur Section
C.P. 23406 San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Telephone: +52 624 14 254 53 Fax: +52 624 14 266 04


James (Jaime) Thomas Adkins
Real Estate Salesman and Power of Attorney for Surfeador Baja
San Juanico, Comondú, B.C.S.

Lic. Edgar Jose Vargas Mendieta
Power of Attorney for Surfeador Baja

Lic. Raquel Veronica Camacho

Dennis Peyton


Secretary of State of California
Number: 200707410382 Filed: March 15, 2007
Agent for Service of Process:
Madden, Jones, Cole & Johnson, A Professional Corporation (C0635170)
P.O. Box 2210

Long Beach, CA 90801-2210

Surfeador Baja, S de RL de CV
Mexican corporation owned by Surf Rider One BC, LLC


Rev: 7/17/14