Scorpion Bay is a primitive recreation destination 650 to 890 road miles south of Tijuana depending on the route you take. Look on the West Coast of Baja California Sur, north of Magdalena Bay, south of San Ignacio Lagoon. San Juanico can be found near Punta Pequeña, a south facing point with a lighthouse. La Purísima, to the east, is the closest pueblo inland.

Though the old Palapa is gone, the Cantina behind the house is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Campground facilities are  fully operational. The wireless satellite internet is working. 


The two bedroom Suite with private bath and the Apartment with the loft, kitchen and private bath are available on a nightly basis along with the two Sleeping Rooms and the three Palapas.  


Set-up your camp in view of the surf. There is plenty of camping space. Reservations are not taken for camping.


Water is trucked in and water conservation is a high priority.

Wastewater Treatment

Scorpion Bay operates the only private secondary waste water treatment system for many miles.

Travel Safety

For the past several years there have been few serious incidents involving tourists south of Ensenada. Even so, it’s advised to travel in the daytime. There are several good reasons for not driving at night. Drive slowly and carefully. Every year there is at least one rollover or cattle strike. If you’re short on time or extremely cautious, consider flying to Loreto and driving three hours to San Juanico. More travel information here.

Information is current to June 2017. Visit the BLOG for updates

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