Camp services are $150 Pesos per person, per night. Children 6 years old and younger are free. Services include toilets, showers & trash removal. Reservations are not taken for camping. Check-in and pay in advance at the cantina when you arrive. Select your campsite on the cliff edge. Campsites are all located a short walk to Cantina, the bathhouse and the walk-downs to the beach. Campers should arrive equipped for the elements. Consider bringing a bug-tight tent, steel tent stakes, a shade cover (this is a must), 2’ X 8’ plywood wind blocks for the windward under side of your vehicle, Astroturf, lawn chairs, lantern and flashlights. Bring warm clothes for the cold windy nights, October through April. Basic provisions of ice, drinking water, produce, dry goods, and gasoline are available in town.

The Palapas

There are three palapas providing protection from the wind and sun. Palapas #1 and #2 each sleep a maximum of eight people. Palapa #3 sleeps four people. Guests staying in the palapas have the use of a private shared bath with a hot shower. The cost of a palapa for one or two people is $45/ night. Additional people are $15/night each. Bring sleeping bags, lantern, lawn chairs.

The Apartment

There is one apartment with a view of Third Point surf, a kitchen, private bath that sleeps a couple in the loft on a king sized bed. There is an optional second bedroom with two twin beds. The cost of the Apartment is $125 / night for one or two people and $25 / night for each additional person. Cots can also be added in the front room. Reservations are taken for The Apartment.

The Suite

There is one suite with a private bath and twin beds that sleeps two people (or four with the optional bedroom). The cost of the Suite is $100 per night for one or two people and $25 per night for each additional person in the optional bedroom. Reservations are taken for The Suite.

The Sleeping Rooms

There are two sleeping rooms. These rooms are quite small and equipped with a full bed, table and chair. The private shared bath comes with the sleeping room. The cost for one person per night is $35 and $50 for two people.


Reservations are taken for The Palapas, The Apartment, The Suite, and The Sleeping Rooms. Click on “Calendar” at the top of the page, look for availability on your dates and follow the instructions.